"Advocacy White Papers for Art Education" are a collection of 14 essays written in response to the NAEA report, Learning in a Visual Age: The Critical Importance of Visual Arts Education. These essays communicate the value of visual arts education in a constantly changing educational environment and demonstrate why visual arts education is important for meeting each student’s educational needs. We urge you to share the White Papers for Art Education with colleagues, policy makers, supervisors and administrators, preservice art educators, and parents. See more here.   

Introduction by Enid Zimmerman

Section 1 - What High Quality Art Education ProvidesBy Kerry Freedman, Pat Stuhr, Jerome Hausman and James Haywood Rolling Jr. (Posted November 16, 2011)


Section 2 - How High Quality Arts Education Can Prepare Students for the FutureBy Karen Keifer-Boyd, Mary Stokrocki and Brent Wilson (Posted March 21, 2011)    


Section 3 - What Excellent Visual Arts Teaching Looks LikeBy Lynn Beudert, Judith Burton and Renee Sandell (Posted July 9, 2012)


Section 4 - How to Infuse the Arts into Learning EnvironmentsBy Enid Zimmerman, Kit Grauer and Peter London (Posted December 7, 2012)    


Section 5 - Ensuring Excellent Visual Arts Education for Every Student - By Susan Gabbard, Barbara Laws and Melody Milbrandt (Posted December 7, 2012)