Workshops and Special Programs



Art, Animation and Murals

Award-winning artist Dan Fenelon has created a dynamic program that teaches children about different types of professional art careers, including animation. His presentation includes large painted canvases, examples of graphic design and a step by step computer demonstration of the creation of an animated sequence. He makes students aware of how many different subject areas tie into the arts and encourages them to notice the role of artists in creating everything from fine art to cartoons. Dan Fenelon; Grades 2-12; Assembly $850/$1050; Murals $450 per day plus expenses

Dan Fenelon 973.769.5325  

The Art of Puppetry with Catskill Puppet Theater

Catskill Puppet Theater offers demonstration workshops in which students learn about the amazing art of puppetry and also a wide variety of puppet construction workshops in which students create their very own shadow puppets, rod puppets, marionettes and even giant parade figures. Workshops range from one period classes to multi week residencies culminating in a performance by the students. John Potocnik and Carol Mandigo; Grades K-12; $450 for half day; $800 for a full day

Carol Mandigo 607.435.1128                                                                                                                                                                                                             . 

Creating a Song with Beth & Scott and Friends

This workshop reinforces curriculum and teaches students how to become better, more expressive writers in a collaborative context. A school can pre-select song themes based upon their needs or allow students to compose songs based upon their own choices. Following the program, every student receives a compilation CD with all of the songs composed and recorded by the participating classes.

Program Goals:

To use songwriting as a tool to teach good writing skills, specifically the need to brainstorm, research, organize and edit their work;

To demonstrate the creation of an artistic work from beginning to end, demonstrating all of the choices and skills necessary to work alone or in a group;

To nurture every child’s self-esteem by creating songs that reflect their ideas and artistic sensibilities;

To reinforce and support the academic curriculum as well as reinforce character education tenets such as anti-bullying.

This program is available in multiple day formats based upon your learning goals and budget. Beth & Scott and Friends; Grades Pre-K-6; The cost for a two-day program (including CD's) is $2500. Additional days are $1000 each. The prices quoted include 2 presenters

Beth Bierko 800.364.5381                                                                                                                                                                          

Patterns in Nature with Karen Fuchs

Karen Fuchs is a teaching artist and designer with a background in textile design and interior architecture. She has developed and teaches curriculum that focuses on looking closely at the natural world – its forms, patterns and structures, and creating art-making projects that are inspired by this scrutiny. She leads workshops on integrating art and science, design thinking, and on making connections between the natural and manmade world. She creates home textiles and exhibits her cyanotypes and other work.                                                                                  



This workshop (or series of classes, residency) focuses on the amazing forms, patterns and structures found in the natural world. Natural specimens and images will serve as points of departure for an in-depth visual study of many growth patterns including branching, spiral, star/radial, retiform/mesh, etc. Students will do sketches and drawings, and create art projects that demonstrate these beautiful forms. Students will make connections between the natural and the man made world, and better understand a visual language that exists all around us. 


This workshop explores branching as a growth pattern found in the natural world. Using specimens and other examples as points of departure students will observe, study, sketch, and build models that explore this concept. Examples include tree/dendritic, leaf and plant growth, coral and seaweed, fungi and algae, lightning, water flow and brain neurons to manmade constructs such as mapping, urban planning, circuitry and urban planning. Participants will create a wire sculpture tree that is made using a process that mimics how it grows (using math and division, which is its very definition to divide, extend or expand).


This workshop focuses on the beauty, efficiency and mathematical sequence of the growth form we call the spiral. Specimens and examples in nature will be observed, drawn and modeled including the chambered nautilus and many seashells, sunflowers, pinecones, phyllotaxy, DNA molecule, our fingerprint, galaxies, etc. and the Fibonacci sequence shown and explained. Students will create coil clay forms as well as a model made from cut paper. 

AND OTHERS including Sunprints: Nature Studies and Printmaking with Nature: Monoprints using Plants 

Karen Fuchs; Grades K-12; Price on request

Karen Fuchs 973.699.0623


Pushcart Players: Engaging All Students to Create, Perform, Respond and Connect

Pushcart Players is an award-winning professional touring theatre and arts-in-education company for your audiences. Twice nominated for an Emmy, Pushcart is the recipient of numerous state and private awards for excellence and innovation. A social profit organization founded in 1974, Pushcart brings substantive musical theater, workshops and residencies to young people and their families in schools and theaters nationwide. Pushcart offers the following the following workshops:                                         


On-school-time or after: Students develop self-awareness and confidence in dramatic play and self-expression through Theater Exercises, Games, Storytelling and Improvisation Technique.


Student productions directed by Pushcart directors and teaching artists. Over an average period of 12 to 16 weeks, familiar Broadway favorites are designed, costumed, rehearsed and presented by students with the involvement of teachers, parents and camp counselors.


Scripts originally produced by Pushcart and in our repertoire are adapted for schools and other groups to be performed by youth ensembles of as many as 50 students or more. Directed by Pushcart faculty or licensed to organizations for self-production.


Pushcart Players offers a variety of on-school-time programs for special needs populations to make theater education and participation accessible to everyone. Teaching artists work closely with educators and care-givers to tailor a project that meets the talents and interests of students in an inclusive environment. In a series of classes and rehearsals, young people on the Autism spectrum and with other cognitive disabilities create a theater piece to be performed for their classmates and peers. Similarly, acting / writing workshops are conducted with at-risk youth in the juvenile correction system. With sensitivity and skill, Pushcart opens the door for students to experience the benefits and joy of participating in theater.


Title I schools can use Pushcart programs to meet Arts Integration Requirements. Subsidized bussing is available through Field Trip New Jersey. For more information visit

ADA accessibility; Grades Pre-K-12; Price on request

Paul Whelihan or Samantha Simpson 973.857.1115                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .

Zentangle With Mimi Topping

Zentangle is a relaxing, easy-to-learn method of drawing using patterns. The Zentangle method, created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, is a uniquely cool way to create beautiful works of art that require no drawing skill. Anyone can do it! Zentangle is a meditative style of drawing that helps increase focus while decreasing stress and tension. It is yoga for the brain. In a Zentangle workshop you will learn how to use simple, structured patterns to create surprisingly beautiful works of art. It is very likely you will get addicted to Zentangle and its many benefits! There are endless pattern possibilities and combinations to explore. Students will be taught 4 patterns in a 45 minute class, while having the opportunity to create both individual "tiles" and group pieces. Each class provides students with a team building experience. Mimi Topping; Grades K-12; $450 per day for up to four workshops (material will be provided) 

Mimi Topping 332.216.8937