Catskill Puppet Theater

Catskill Puppet Theater presents original, delightful musical productions on a variety of themes that feature full sets, colorful scenery and large, exquisitely crafted puppets. Enchanting folk tales that teach lessons with a wonderful blend of humor, mystery, drama and magical effects include: Sister Rain and Brother Sun,  Hiawatha,  The Willow Girl, Ivan and the Icewolf and the newest production, Lion Whiskers, an Ethiopian folktale. John Potocnik and Carol Mandigo; Grades K-6; $1165/$1560

Carol Mandigo 607.435.1128



Circus Minimus

The One-Man Circus-in-a-Suitcase delights and inspires assembly audiences to practice compassion and follow their dreams. An entire cast of circus performers emerge from a small suitcase but the most important characters come from the audience, as chosen members become part of the action. Each show is a dialogue between the audience and the characters, a lighthearted col­laboration that allows the entire school to run away and join the circus and still be back in time for lunch. The show comes with a curriculum guide for teachers to integrate the circus back into the classroom. Kevin O'Keefe; Grades K-8; $800/$1300

Kevin O'Keefe 212.874.3976


The Mask Messenger 

The Mask Messenger is a world of nearly twenty masked characters that perform a series of vignettes ranging from bizarrely comic to surprisingly poignant. Half-masked characters speak and educate; full-masked characters remain silent while speaking volumes about our lives, transforming before our eyes and creating illusions that “ ..tickle some sort of primal funny bone". The show's focus on body language, physical comedy and direct participation affects audiences viscerally in ways that go straight to the heart and sneak up on the brain. Students learn about masks used in cultures worldwide while addressing the concept of the 'masks' we all wear daily giving us a new perspective on how we present ourselves to the world and how we perceive others. Proudly presented by Tim Latta and Lattawork, educating through the arts for over thirty years! Tim Latta; Grades K-12; $800/$1300

Tim Latta 860.355.8180                                                                                        

Link to Study Guide                                                                                                                                                                                                 . 

Super Scientific Circus

Super Scientific Circus presents circus and magic tricks to help students, teachers and parents better understand fundamental scientific principles. Since 1994 renowned circus performers, Mister Fish and Lisa Lou have performed over 5000 shows in schools, libraries, science and children’s museums, theaters and performing arts centers in all 50 states and Canada. Educational programs include Phenomenal Physics, Fantastic Forces, The Magic of Chemistry and The Science of Magic. Full day hands on workshops also available. Super Scientific Circus; Grades K-8; $650/$950


Super Scientific Circus 973-885-4858

Tanglewood Marionettes

Founded in 1993, Tanglewood Marionettes is a nationally touring marionette theater based in New England. Large, beautifully hand-crafted marionettes, colorful sets, and integrated lighting and sound create a fully immersive theatrical experience. Their highly skilled puppeteers have spent many years perfecting their art, delighting audiences of all ages as they bring a repertoire of classic tales to life. They are the recipients of two UNIMA awards, puppetry's highest honor, for their productions An Arabian Adventure and The Dragon King. Other offerings include Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Perseus and Medusa, The Fairy Circus, and Sleeping Beauty. Anne Schaefer/Tanglewood Marionettes; Grades K-8; $975/$1525

Anne Schaefer 413.277.9514


Trent Arterberry

Trent Arterberry is an award-winning performing artist whose unique style of physical theatre variously combines masterful mime, poignant monologue, comedic characters and dramatic narratives. Think Bigg (K-6) blends mime, storytelling and lots of audience participation to create a series of kid-friendly stories and characters with thoughtful lessons about non-verbal communication. The Secret Life of Walter Manny (K-6) is the story of a young hero-in-training with an overactive imagination that gets him in—and out of—trouble. The show contains themes of self-control and respect for others. My Impractical Life (6-12) is the semi-autobiographical story of how Trent became an artist. Addressing career goals, it contains powerful messages for students about finding and pursuing one’s passion in the face of adversity. Trent Arterberry; Grades K-6, 6-12; $695/$995

Trent Arterberry 888.642.2788