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Anytown A New Musical about Opiod Misuse

Star athlete Hope Baker sports a 4.0 grade point average and limitless potential. But when a boy she likes offers her one little pill after a soccer injury, Hope makes a decision that rapidly transforms her dreams into an escalating nightmare. With her future at stake, will Hope be able to get the help she needs before opioids destroy everything she cares about? George Street Playhouse; Grades 7-12; $1,500/$2,000; Available October 1, 2019 through February 22, 2020

Tour Manager 732.846.2895 x117                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .

Bully-Proof your School - The Magic of Character

Using magic, humor and lots of audience participation, this assembly teaches students positive character traits and gives them the concrete tools to deal with bullies who won’t go away. Seen by over half a million students, this assembly is specifically designed to complement and enhance state anti-bully and character education mandates. Faculty and Parent workshops also available. Jim Vagias; Grades Pre-K-8; Price on request

Jim Vagias 732.238.8139



FUNance - Where Fun and Finance Collide

Students in grades K-6 learn about personal finance and discover the importance of math in everyday life. Students are kept laughing and amazed with comedy, magic, circus skills and audience interaction as they learn financial concepts like: Needs and Wants, Where Money Comes From (and Goes); Financial Goal Setting; Budgeting; What Saving Money Is and Why It's Important; What Debt Is Plus How (and Why) To Avoid It; and more. Brad Zupp’s years of experience as a financial planner and world-renowned performer make him uniquely qualified to teach financial literacy to kids. Putting the fun in finance! Simply Sensible Entertainment, Inc.; Grades K-3 & 4-6 (or customized for your grades); $1010/$1305

Brad Zupp 877.707.9534




HERstory, conceived and written by Dawn Ward-Lau, invites students to join Rosie the Riveter as she introduces students to some of her friends like: Rosa Parks, Ladybird and Frida Kahlo. Celebrate Women's History Month with 10 women who have put their stamp on the world through their academics or their contribution to the arts! Each of these women were persistent and knew their dreams didn't have an expiration date. These empowering women's stories have changed the trajectory of how women show up in the world today! Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, Frida Kahlo, Clara Barton, Louisa May Alcott, Isadora Duncan, Ladybird Johnson and Rosie the Riveter are featured in this program. Limited bookings in March only. Dawn Ward-Lau; Grades K-8; Price on request

Dawn Ward Lau 201.873.2537                                                                                                                                                                                     

History's Alive! with Patrick Garner

Broadway alumnus Patrick Garner is traveling the country bringing history to life for elementary schools from California to Maine and from Florida to Washington State. His unique rapport with children, his ability to draw life lessons from history and his knack for entertaining students and faculty alike have made him an annual visitor at schools and theaters throughout the country. Edison, Lewis & Clark, Franklin, Houdini and more. "Remember, as a kid, when you learned about someone really amazing? You ran to the library and took out all their books. And you read late into the night until your parents made you put out the light? That's what these shows do!" Curriculum-based! Incredibly informative! Insanely interactive! Your children don't just learn history... they learn from history! Patrick Garner; Grades K-6; $850/$1000

Patrick Garner 973.420.5268



Improbable Players

Improbable Players uses theater performances, workshops and professional development sessions to address addiction, alcoholism and the opioid epidemic. Their performances are 25-45 minutes long followed by a talkback/Q&A. Their workshops give students the space and tools to combat social pressures and find coping strategies that work for them. Their plays are based on true stories and performed by people in recovery. They have also performed at conferences, treatment centers and community events across the country. Improbable Players have been performing the mission of substance use disorder prevention since 1984. Their work is uniquely impactful because their actors have lived the stories they perform. These are universally relatable stories. This is evidence-based prevention education. Improbable Players; Grades 6-12; Price on request

Andy Short 800.437.4303                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Kit's Interactive Theatre

Kit's Interactive Theatre offers sixteen unique, high-energy, interactive shows that ignite the imagination and bring history to life. As the Northeast’s premiere interactive performer, award winning actress Kitty Jones combines continual audience participation with history, music, improvisation and her signature period dance in each performance. Schools may select from an array of programs that span 4000 years of history: The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, The Vikings in Vinland, The Royalty of the Renaissance, Grace the Pirate, Colonial Life, The American Revolution, Sleepy Hollow Halloween, Our Civil War, The Pioneer Travel on the Oregon Trail, The One Room Schoolhouse, Journey of an Irish Immigrant, The Industrial Revolution’s Gilded Age, Women’s Rights, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, Mother Nature and The Mrs. Claus Holiday Celebration. Kit’s Interactive Theatre; Grades K-8; $900/$1200

Video Overview of Programs 


Kitty Jones 570.476.5612


Living Voices

Living Voices combines a live powerful performer with dynamic archival footage to present unique and unforgettable educational experiences. Living Voices is available with New Jersey and New York based actors.

THROUGH THE EYES OF A FRIEND shares the life of Anne Frank  before and after the years spent in hiding.A nationally acclaimed performance that helps make the Holocaust personal. Grades 5-12 

HEAR MY VOICE  Celebrate the Centennial of Suffrage ! Alice Paul and generations of women’s struggle for the Vote comes to life .Grades 5-12

THE NEW AMERICAN Travel with a fifteen year old Irish girl through Steerage, Ellis Island and work at the Triangle Factory. Grades 4-12  

THE RIGHT TO DREAM  illuminates The Civil Rights Movement and leads audiences to understand how the fight against prejudice has shaped our history. Grades 5-12 

OUR REVOLUTION Walk in the footprints of an African American soldier in the Continental Army  Grades 4-12 

Island of Hope : Jewish family escapes oppression in the Old Word in a journey to Ellis Island  Grades 1st -12

AND OTHERS including The Internment of Japanese Americans ,Cesar Chavez/Farmworkers Movement and The Great Depression

Up to 3 shows $850 

Rachael McClinton 800.331.5716



The Mayhem Poets

"Let's go see a poetry show." That is a sentence rarely proclaimed and usually responded to with cringes and excuses. The Mayhem Poets are on a mission to change that. Having been dubbed "an amazing ride" by the New York Times, this mind boggling performance has been described as "The Simpsons meets Malcolm X at a Notorious B.I.G. concert". These theatre trained, comedically gifted, lyrical virtuosos seamlessly blend raw elements of hip hop, theatre, improv and stand up comedy to tell gut wrenching truths that leave audiences forever changed.

The Mayhem Poets' unique approach to spoken word has landed them feature spots on The Today Show and Eyewitness News, after winning 1st place and a grant for 100K in the Microsoft Idea Wins Challenge in 2006. Since then they've been touring internationally, collaborating with the likes of hip hop legends such as KRS ONE as well as world class musicians including Greg Patillo (beat box flute) and Jane Hunt (violin). Their latest CD, Reverse Birth was hailed as one of the Top spoken word CD's of 2007 by about.com's poetry section. Their NYC based educational training operation Slam Chops is providing opportunities for aspiring poets of all ages. Always up to date with contemporary world issues, this one of a kind tour-de-force stays fresh no matter what the venue. From theatre festivals to Hip Hop or Rock concerts, Community events to Youth Education series, Mayhem is the future. The Mayhem Poets; Grades K-12; $1850/$3200



MLK: Amazing Grace

MLK: Amazing Grace is a powerful dramatic work written and directed by Rochel Garner Coleman. A cast of three actors uses minor props and costume changes to become some of the famous and not so famous participants in the civil rights movement. Each story is taken from real life accounts with added research to give a background to this explosive time in United States history. Rochel Garner Coleman; Grades K-8; $1130/$1955


Rochel Coleman 213.280.5586



Out of Rushmore's Shadow

Parents Choice award-winning storyteller Lou Del Bianco portrays his grandfather Luigi Del Bianco and tells the story of his unique contribution as chief carver on our nation’s greatest memorial. Lou uses authentic photos, maps and timelines to bring Luigi’s story to life. This is a unique program about history, ancestry, perseverance and advocating for human rights. Students will also learn that history doesn’t always tell you the whole story and that it’s up to the individual to do the work and find out the truth about what really happened. Connects perfectly to Social Studies curriculum and primary source research. Lou Del Bianco; Grades K-8; $750/$1200

Lou Del Bianco 914.937.0897                                                                                                                                                                                                          .

Possibilities by Fairleigh Dickinson University

An original story about making dreams come true with classic musical theater songs and dances. In its fourth season, the show is brought to you by the generous support of the Peter Jay Sharp Foundation. The show focuses on a day in the life of a group of high school students attending a career fair. These students come face to face with their dreams, external pressures, and ultimately the ability to make their own choices. The Fairleigh Dickinson University/YOUTH THEATER PROJECT offers this charming musical for fall performances at your middle school free of charge. Performances can be arranged for Friday mornings during the month of September and early October. Demand is high and availability is limited so make your reservations in May-June. FDU/Cynthia Thole Loewus; Grades 7-8; Free of charge

Cynthia Thole Loewus 973-443-8394                                                                                                                                                                                          

Pushcart Players

Pushcart Players is an award-winning professional touring theatre and arts-in-education company for young audiences. Twice nominated for an Emmy, Pushcart is the recipient of numerous state and private awards for excellence and innovation. A social profit organization founded in 1974, Pushcart brings substantive musical theater, workshops and residencies to young people and their families in schools and theaters nationwide. Pushcart offers the following shows for the 2018-19 school year:                                                    

THE VELVETEEN RABBIT (Available throughout 2018-19) A young boy’s love and a little nursery magic help transform the Velveteen Rabbit from a favorite plaything into a real rabbit. The Boy and Velveteen embark on exciting imaginary adventures, from deep dark caves to the wide open sea, and together they learn the true meaning of friendship in this musical re-telling of one of America’s favorite storybooks. Grades Pre-K-5

ELLIS ISLAND: GATEWAY TO AMERICA (Available throughout 2018-19) A spirited salute to America in song, dance and story, designed to illustrate the struggles and achievements of past generations in preserving the freedom and diversity we enjoy in the United States today. Brimming with color, wit and humor, this charming musical takes a loving look at a small group of immigrants who came to America in the early 1900’s. Prevailing themes are the immigrant experience, ethnic diversity and the precious legacy of freedom and democracy in the U.S. "Ellis Island…" is an inspiring theatre piece that will ignite the passion for theatre, history and the arts forevermore! Grades K-6

LIFT EVERY VOICE – The Hope And Promise Of America’s Civil Rights Movement (Available starting February 2019) A multi-media musical celebrating the ordinary people during this extraordinary time in America’s history. "…VOICE…" looks at the Civil Rights Movement from the perspective of the young people who took part in shaping the movement - from the young people demonstrating at lunch counters to the courageous students on the forefront of school integration. The images, music and spirit of this pivotal time will inspire people of all ages with an appreciation of social justice’s importance in the precious legacy of our freedom. Grades 4-12

A CINDERELLA TALE … HAPPILY EVER AFTER (Available throughout 2018-19) Filled with beauty, grandeur, magic and wonder this beloved tale is given the trademark Pushcart spin! "A Cinderella Tale…" takes young audiences on that sometimes happy, sometimes sad – but always compelling journey fueled by inner beauty, courage and kindness as they triumph over greed and arrogance. A wondrous production that is sure to dazzle young audiences! Grades Pre-K-5

THE LAST BUTTERFLY (Available April - May 2019) Based on the discovered drawings and writings of children in the Terezin concentration camp, this beautifully crafted Holocaust education piece that introduces a most sad chapter of history with sensitivity and care. An ideal introduction to or culmination of, Holocaust study, character development and prejudice reduction. Grades 4-12

PETER AND THE WOLF (Available throughout 2018-19) A classic tale that has it all – music, laughter, danger and defiance in a young boy’s magical moment of growing up. "Peter and The Wolf" will tickle, intrigue and delight young audiences while also offering a splendid introduction to theatre, classical music and value clarification themes. When Peter visits his grandfather for the summer, creative solutions are needed to provide a happy ending to a riveting story. This extraordinary musical presents young and family audiences with a precious moment of theatre they will long remember. Grades Pre-K-5

A SEASON OF MIRACLES (Available November - December 2018) is a multi-cultural collection of holiday tales that celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa and Chanukah. Stories within this delightful musical include O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi, E.T.A. Hoffmann’s The Nutcracker, an original tale set in Nigeria entitled The Kwanzaa Kite and The Chanukah Miracle. Crafted and set to music with the timeless tone of each classic piece, this magical presentation warms the hearts – and perhaps changes the perspectives – of family audiences as they reflect on the true meaning and spirit of the holidays. Grades Pre-K-8

STONE SOUP AND OTHER STORIES (Available throughout 2018-19) A perfect introduction to the joy of theatre and to the concept that reading is fun! This charming musical compilation of favorite stories from Africa, India, Eastern Europe and the United States of America is filled with music, fantasy and play, each tale introducing the spirit and customs of these unique cultures. Grades Pre-K-5

ADA accessibility; Price on request

Paul Whelihan or Stacie Gogo 973.857.1115



Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot offers high octane theatre and a variety of programs. Brothers Bill and David Mettler combine comedy, mime, storytelling, music and sound effects to make life skills fun for students and staff.

YOUR SEVEN STRENGTHS, a character education and substance awareness program, ideal for red ribbon week; helps students become aware of their inner strengths as well as support systems that are already in their lives. Grades K-6  

YOUR CHOICE, a program of performance pieces dealing with drinking and driving, alcohol commercials, problem solving, community building, and self-worth. Grades 7-12  

21st CENTURY LEADERS, a conflict resolution presentation using William Glasser’s works in peer mediation, this program focuses on the four human needs: Respect, Belonging, Choice and Fun. Grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12  

BULLIES, TARGETS AND BYSTANDERS uses funny personal stories, sound effects and audience interaction to explore these three roles. Students are empowered to take a stand that: NO ONE IN MY SCHOOL WILL BE MISTREATED. Grades K-6 and 6-8  

NEW - THE MAGIC OF KINDNESS In collaboration with brain researchers at Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters (Norfolk, VA) the Quiet Riot has created a delightful performance of stories, mime, comedy & sound effects about the ripple effect of Kindness. Studies have shown that Kindness inspires kindness and makes you healthier, happier & smarter too! Grades K-6 

MULTICULTURAL HOLIDAY SHOW Celebrations of Giving and Light, a mesmerizing display of lit candles from menorahs to Chinese lanterns captures the magic of the holiday season. Five different cultures are explored first by sharing respectfully the origin of the festival and then by telling a story from that tradition. Grades K-6 and 6-8

STORIES FROM THE HUMAN FAMILY A program of world stories that explores self-respect, respect for others and individual/community wellness. This performance celebrates diversity by honoring difference and the unique contribution that each culture and each person can bring to the group. Grades K-8, 6-8 and 9-12; Price on request

David Mettler 215.885.8825   215.869.8878



Shakespeare LIVE!

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey will be offering two productions for school audiences: 

JULIUS CAESAR: Loyalty, honor and the fate of a nation are tested in Shakespeare’s gripping drama. Clairvoyant warning, secret meetings, and deadly conspiracies collide in this dynamic new production from The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey’s highly acclaimed touring company. A “must see” for students of English and world history.  Julius Caesar is perfect for meeting the Common Core Standards in Language Arts. When teachers utilize activities in the study guide, students can also meet Standards in Visual and Performing Arts. Available March through early-June 2020; Grades 6-12; Price on request

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM: When starry-eyed young lovers and zany would-be actors cross paths with mischief-making fairies in a magical forest, the result is one of the world’s most uproarious comedies. An ideal "first Shakespeare" for elementary grades and a riotous roller-coaster for teens and teachers. Midsummer is perfect for meeting the Common Core Standards in Language Arts. When teachers utilize activities in the study guide, students can also meet Standards in Visual and Performing Arts. Available March through early-June 2020; Grades 3-12; Price on request

Doug West - Associate Director of Education 973.845.6742



The Speech Doctor Is In

The Speech Doctor, Kathleen Williams, Ph.D., a highly experienced Public Speaking instructor, will make a house call to your school to help your students speak with confidence, clarity and expression! Oversized props, containing effective cures, add humor to this highly interactive program. Classroom workshops providing more detailed instruction are also available for grades 6-8. Kathleen Williams; Grades K-6; $750/$950

Kathleen Williams 800.653.5266



STEM: the Musical Explains the Universe!

Equal parts educational, entertaining, and inspirational, STEM: the Musical is the ultimate Art & Science (STEAM) fusion! The show tells the story of four students brought together to complete a seemingly-impossible homework assignment: explain the universe and everything in it! With music that never stops in styles including hip-hop, Samba, pop and Broadway, STEM: the Musical engages audiences all the way from K through 8. The educational content comes straight from Common Core and state educational standards, and lyrics are adjusted so the concepts are always age-appropriate for our audiences. Featuring a central inspirational message that STEM is for *all* students, regardless of background, STEM: the Musical surely has something for everyone! Amy Pruitt & Kevin Badanes; Grades K-8; $1250/$1900; Travel fees may apply 

Amy Pruitt & Kevin Badanes 646.480.STEM (7836)                                                                                                                                                                                                     . 

Story Pirates

Story Pirates has been committed to providing high quality arts education to children since 2003. Their Play/Write Program began as a pilot in a single low-income Harlem school and has grown to become a nationally respected creative writing and drama curriculum in place annually at over 150 schools across the country. Story Pirates performances, workshops, and residencies have been sponsored by partners such as Penguin Books, the Kennedy Center, and the Geffen Playhouse in L.A. and received recognition from students, parents, teachers, principals, and celebrities, such as Jon Stewart and John Oliver of the Daily Show. Story Pirates curriculum focuses on core elements of national standards for Arts Education and English Language Arts, while providing rich cultural experiences that push the boundaries of traditional enrichment to tackle substantive educational goals like vocabulary development, story structure, revision, and confident self-expression. Over the past decade, Story Pirates has invited tens of thousands of students to see their own words and ideas come to life on stage, and watched as, one by one, these children began to call themselves writers. Story Pirates; Grades K-8; Price on request 

Story Pirates 347.878.6798



Tales from the Garden 

By playwright Stephen L. Fredericks, it is a fun-filled journey through the rich history of The Garden State from its original settlers to its many legends – as well as some of the more unique roles New Jersey has played in American History.  The program is presented by three professional actors with limited props and costumes. During the course of the show, each actor takes on several different roles to make the history, folk tales, and legends of New Jersey come to life. This production is a great way to introduce and/or enhance your unit on New Jersey. Performances available at The Growing Stage, Netcong, NJ or at your school. The Growing Stage Theatre; Grades 3-8; Price on request

Growing Stage 973.347.4946



NEW: A Thousand Cranes

The true story of Sadako Sasaki who inspired an international peace movement. A Thousand Cranes combines Japanese and American language, music, and dance, and highlights Japanese society in the aftermath of WWII. Centenary Stage Company; Grades 6-8; $895/$1320

Lea Antolini-Lid 908.979.0900



NEW: A Year with Frog and Toad

Waking from hibernation in the Spring, Frog and Toad plant gardens, swim, rake leaves, go sledding and learn life lessons along the way. The two best friends celebrate and rejoice in the differences that make them unique and special. Part vaudeville, part make believe... all charm. A Year with Frog and Toad tells the story of a friendship that endures throughout the seasons. Centenary Stage Company; Grades K-5; $895/$1320


Lea Antolini-Lid 908.979.0900  


Winter Holiday Express: The Magic of Different Cultures

An assembly geared to foster cultural diversity. Students take an imaginary train ride around the world to learn about various cultures and winter holidays like Diwali, Kwanza, Solstice, Ramadan, Hanukkah and Christmas.  Combining his backgrounds as a former teacher and an entertainer, Jim teaches students that while we may be different on the outside, we are all the same on the insideJim Vagias; Grades Pre-K-8; Price on request

Jim Vagias 732.238.8139 



NEW:The Youthmover Brandon White

Brandon Lee White, delivers a high-energy, entertaining, and effective anti-bullying and character education program for youth across the country. As a professional ballroom dance instructor and motivational youth speaker, Brandon incorporates "teamwork, courage, character, self-discipline, exercise, and anti-bullying" into his leadership school assemblies and workshops. Brandon's full-package motivational presentation will make your students laugh, think, and grow!  For nearly a decade, Brandon has received top reviews from K-12 schools for his character-based leadership and anti-bullying presentations, which include dancing, acting, storytelling, and behavior-changing results. Brandon's motivational leadership programs will inspire your students to take ownership of who they are and equip them to respond to difficult situations. Academic Entertainment; Grades K-12; 1 or 2 Shows $1750 Oct 3, 7 and May 4-8, 2020 all other dates $2400. Discounts available for block bookings

Academic Entertainment 800.883.9883

Video - Brandon White