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123 Andrés

Latin Grammy winner 123 Andrés are sought-after speakers and performers. The duo, comprised of husband and wife Christina and Andrés, present and perform for students, their families and educators at schools, libraries, theaters, festivals, community events and more. In their exciting and interactive music presentations, students are introduced to Latin American song and dance. 123 Andrés uses a map to encourage the audience to participate in an interactive lesson on geography by locating countries and continents while singing, shaking and sounding out rhythms. This leads into lessons on regional dances and the practice of Spanish vocabulary, including greetings, colors, numbers and body parts, which enhance their knowledge of language and culture. 123 Andrés sings while also playing the guitar, saxophone, clarinet and percussion, surprising their audience with additional instruments throughout the show. Andrés holds a DMA (Doctorate in Musical Arts) and Christina a Masters in Urban Education. Dual language, ESL, Foreign Language and diversity/multicultural studies. 123 Andrés; Grades Pre-K-5; Price on request 

Bibi Lobo 224.326.3737                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Star athlete Hope Baker sports a 4.0 grade point average and limitless potential. But when a boy she likes offers her one little pill after a soccer injury, Hope makes a decision that rapidly transforms her dreams into an escalating nightmare. With her future at stake, will Hope be able to get the help she needs before opioids destroy everything she cares about? George Street Playhouse; Grades 7-12; $1500/$2000; Available October 1, 2019 through February 22, 2020

Diana Gundacker 732.846.2895 x117                                                                                                                                                                       

Cartoons and Graphic Novels

Children’s book illustrator and cartoonist Mike Moran will work with students in the process of telling a story with their artwork by creating finished products such as cartoon strips, panels, graphic novels and children’s books. The residency will guide students through the process of; character development and design, storytelling and writing, page sequence, color, background and layout design to print production. All with an emphasis on having fun. Mike Moran Illustration’s client list includes: Major League Baseball, Disney, Simon & Schuster, Dial Books, American Greetings, The New York Times and many, many more. He has worked for, children’s book, major magazines, newspapers, animation, toy packaging to greeting cards. Mike Moran; Grades 3-12


Mike Moran 973-966-6229



Kinobe is Uganda’s leading touring musician, producer and educator. He has dedicated his life to building communities and connecting young people globally through arts, and has brought the African experience to schools around the world through storytelling, song, dance, discussions and traditional instruments. His school performances and outreach programs create interactive and engaging experiences for all ages, to enrich children with different backgrounds with the goal of educating, informing and inspiring them to be global citizens while experiencing new sounds, languages and movement. Kinobe is the Founder and producer of the world renown program Dance of Hope a children’s touring music and dance company from Uganda. Kinobe;Ages: K-12;$1,200/$2,000

Kinobe 610.910.8483

Number Drummer Live

Number Drummer Live is a one-of-a-kind interactive production where the entire audience "drums" up math to create a spectacular rhythmic performance. Experience drumming through addition, multiplication, money, fractions, probability, ratios, algebra and more. Experience math through beat, rhythm, timbre, dynamics, tempo, form and more.

• Every student plays an instrument
• Up to 400 students perform simultaneously
• 100% student engagement
• 50 minutes of non-stop math & music
• In-depth math & music curriculum connections
• Created & performed by a math teacher, curriculum trainer and musician with over 20 years of experience

Number Drummer Live is inspiring, energizing and 100% hands-on engagement. It is the ultimate live interactive educational experience. Troy Kryzalka; Grades K-6; $1195/$1595

Troy Kryzalka 910.975.3297                                                                                        Video: Number Drummer Live                                                                                                                                                                                                          .

Printmaking with Eileen Foti

Master Printer, professor, and teaching artist, Eileen Foti, has been introducing K-12 classes and university students, as well as teachers and professional artists to collaborative printmaking for over 30 years. She has developed the Chipboard Relief process; a low-tech, non-toxic technique that can be successfully explored by children, novice printmakers, and seasoned artists. Both simple and sophisticated prints can be made with or without a printing press. This technique is great for studios and classrooms that are not equipped with special ventilation, as soybean-based inks will used and can be cleaned up with soap and water. Eileen Foti; Grades 4-12 


Eileen Foti 732.809.3578


The Sonnet Man

The Sonnet Man offers performances and workshops that entertain and educate. Featured artist Devon Glover, a modern day Sonnet Man, delivers Shakespeare's sonnets as originally written and then breaks it down into "spoken word". Mr. Glover’s flow embodies the richness of Shakespeare’s language and his passionate, yet natural delivery offers an inspiring, creative experience audiences of all age love. This interactive presentation allows on-stage volunteers and audience participants to attempt rapping Shakespeare with The Sonnet Man as their guide. Throughout the assembly, participants also engage in other activities with The Sonnet Man, including: songs with call and response prompts, multiple choice questions, storytelling songs, tongue twisters, contests and more. Academic Entertainment; Grades K-12; $895/$1395 (AM/PM $1790)

Academic Entertainment 800.883.9883                                                                                                                                                                                                                . 

Stained Glass Mosaics

This hybrid art form combines the radiant colors of stained glass, and the assembling method of mosaics. Students work collaboratively to design an image and make it by adhering stained glass with silicone onto a clear glass sheet. Grout is applied to fill the spaces between the glass pieces, and visually mimic the leading of traditional windows. Students are empowered by learning to cut glass, and challenged to work as a team to complete their luminous windows. Kit Sailer; Grades 7-12


Kit Sailer 201.344.7940


The Youth Mover - Brandon White

Brandon Lee White, delivers a high-energy, entertaining, and effective anti-bullying and character education program for youth across the country. As a professional ballroom dance instructor and motivational youth speaker, Brandon incorporates "teamwork, courage, character, self-discipline, exercise, and anti-bullying" into his leadership school assemblies and workshops. Brandon's full-package motivational presentation will make your students laugh, think, and grow! For nearly a decade, Brandon has received top reviews from K-12 schools for his character-based leadership and anti-bullying presentations, which include dancing, acting, storytelling, and behavior-changing results. Brandon's motivational leadership programs will inspire your students to take ownership of who they are and equip them to respond to difficult situations. Academic Entertainment; Grades K-12; 1 or 2 Shows $1750 Oct 3, 7 and May 4-8, 2020 all other dates $2400. Discounts available for block bookings

Academic Entertainment 800.883.9883 

Video - Brandon White