About Us

Morris Arts is a non-profit organization that is committed to enhancing the arts and their impact on the quality of life in the Morris area. The varied programs and services are designed to educate and enrich the learning experiences of school children, build vibrant communities through arts programming and support of locally-based arts, celebrate the creativity of artists in our midst, serve as a central arts resource and provide information about the arts to the general public.

A significant focus of Morris Arts' work is enriching the learning experiences of school children through arts education programs designed for curricular integration and sustained impact. Beyond the classroom, Morris Arts provides creative opportunities for Morris County’s most vulnerable children and their families, through partnerships with social service agencies and community organizations.

 Beginning in 1973 with eight arts education program offerings, Morris Arts now offers over 100 programs, performed by member artists, in dance, music, poetry, theatre, storytelling and the visual arts. Our programs, workshops and artist residencies reach school children in public, private schools in Morris and thirteen neighboring New Jersey counties. Whether you are seeking curriculum-based assemblies, workshops or artist residencies, Morris Arts has programs to suit every school or community venue. All presentations in the Program Guide are carefully chosen to insure educational as well as aesthetic value. Morris Arts offers consultation by phone or email to help you with the selection process. Within this site you will find exceptional programs, guaranteed to engage the hearts minds and imaginations of the children you serve.