Out of Rushmore's Shadow

Parents Choice award-winning storyteller Lou Del Bianco portrays his grandfather Luigi Del Bianco and tells the story of his unique contribution as chief carver on our nation’s greatest memorial. Lou uses authentic photos, maps and timelines to bring Luigi’s story to life. This is a unique program about history, ancestry, perseverance and advocating for human rights. Students will also learn that history doesn’t always tell you the whole story and that it’s up to the individual to do the work and find out the truth about what really happened. Connects perfectly to Social Studies curriculum and primary source research. Lou Del Bianco; Grades K-8; $750/$1200

Lou Del Bianco 914.937.0897                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               .

Queen Nur

Renowned storyteller Queen Nur presents a lively collection of on-site and virtual shows for all ages using stories, dance and music in a highly interactive performance. The tales include such favorites as Giraffes Can’t Dance and Anansi the Greedy Spider, stories that teach character development while the interaction promotes confidence. “Folktale Fun” for grades K-6, celebrates African American folklore using song and dance, accompanied by African instruments. “The Bully Free Zone” for grades 3-8, uses folk tales, fables and hip-hop to inspire kids into accepting each other’s differences. With story, poetry, call and response, song and drum rhythms “They Put A Stamp On It - Primary” for grades 3-8 shares the lives and accomplishments of African-Americans who have been honored by being placed on a Unites States stamp including: Dr. George Washington Carver, Benjamin Banneker, Charles Drew, Madame C.J. Walker, Jan E. Matzeliger, Julian Percy, John Henry, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Little Rock Nine, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. “They Put a Stamp On It – Secondary” for grades 9-12 includes: Mary McCleod Bethune, Anna Julian Cooper, Fannie Lou Hamer, Gwendolyn Brooks, Robert Hayden, Zora Neale Hurston, Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit In, Freedom Riders, Marion Anderson, Kwanzaa. Queen Nur is also available for residencies and workshops. Queen Nur; Grades K-8. Price on request 

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Queen Nur 609.877.6807

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Storytelling Arts, Inc.

Storytelling Arts uses the oral art of storytelling to provide uniquely effective programs that enhance literacy and communication skills in every student regardless of learning ability or language capability. The professional storytellers affiliated with SAI have over 29 years of experience working with schools and other community organizations to create arts residency experiences designed to encourage participants' social, emotional and intellectual growth. Since SAI's inception, they have had the privilege to work with over 27,000 participants all across New Jersey, positively impacting educators, students, at-risk youth and many more. Storytelling Arts, Inc.; Pre-K-12; Price on request

Storytelling Arts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .

Storytelling with Paula Davidoff

Traditional stories allow people to describe and understand life. They also have the power to change lives. The Art of Storytelling is the relating of a tale through voice and gesture. When stories are presented in this way, listeners use their own experiences to create the imagery suggested by the storyteller’s words. When students hear folktales and myths, they find in them the stories of their own lives, stories which enable them to talk about things they have never talked about and recognize things about themselves and their environment that they have never noticed. Paula Davidoff is a teaching artist who uses the art of oral storytelling as the foundation of workshops and residencies that help students improve language literacy skills and to develop skills and understanding that promote social and emotional literacy. She collaborates with teachers to develop programs that help them meet specific goals for student learning. Possible activities include: Learning to speak and listen: deep discussion of story, student storytelling using personal or traditional tales, writing workshops and residencies: storytelling as a springboard to writing and connecting literature to life: exploring social issues through discussion and writing about story. Paula Davidoff; Grades K-12; Price on request


Paula Davidoff